NCEES Interactive Annual Report

NCEES Interactive Annual Report
March 2, 2016 Widmer Engineering

NCEES is pleased to introduce our 2015 interactive annual report as a companion to the printed annual report, which was recently mailed to you. The annual report provides an overview of our organization’s accomplishments and growth over the past fiscal year.

I encourage you to explore the interactive version at There, you will find videos on how NCEES is leading efforts to advance licensure for engineers and surveyors.

The printed annual report was mailed to you with two other publications: Squared and the 94th Annual Meeting Minutes and Reference Material. Last year, we introduced the inaugural issue of Squared as the official NCEES source for engineering and surveying licensure statistics. One of the main purposes of Squared is to make licensure data available to a wide audience, including educators, employers, and the general public.

We hope this information is a resource that will help you better understand licensure and its importance to our everyday lives.

Jerry Carter
NCEES Chief Executive Officer