Rochester Public Works Building Project


Sealed proposals for Design and Construction of a Public Works Building Bid A (40’-0” x 94’- 0”) and Bid B (40’-0” x 158’-0”) shall be received by the Borough of Rochester at 350 Adams Street, Rochester, Pennsylvania, 15074 until 2:00 PM prevailing time on December 6, 2017. The bid encompasses furnishing labor, design, approvals, materials, and project management to perform all work set forth in the advertisement, general conditions, drawings, and specifications. Bids shall be publicly opened and read aloud at the Borough of Rochester’s Municipal Building located at 350 Adams Street, Rochester, PA 15074 at 2:00 P.M. on December 6, 2017. Bids will be reviewed and provided to Borough Council for consideration at their next public meeting to be held on December 18, 2017. 

A pre-bid meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 2:00 P.M at the Borough of Rochester Public Works Building at 204 Water Street, Rochester, PA 15074. All potential bidders are encouraged to attend the meeting due to a number of variables in the project. The project involves detailed design of the new building, approval of the drawings by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry and providing the material and labor for the construction of the new building. Bidding documents, technical specifications and contract drawings are available via download from the Widmer Engineering Inc. website at: under “Bids”. Each proposal shall be accompanied by either a certified check or Surety Company bid bond in the amount of not less than ten (10%) of the contract amount. The same shall be made payable unto Rochester Borough. The Borough will review each bid proposed for responsiveness to the specifications. Upon verification that the proposal fulfills the requirements of the specification, the Borough will enter into negotiations with the low bidder for working out any details for final design and entering into a contract. Upon successful award of the contract, a 100% performance, 100% payment and 100% maintenance bond shall be required. No bids shall be withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) days after the time set for the opening of bids. The Borough reserves the right to reject any part of or all proposals, or to waive any irregularity in a proposal, when the Borough deems such action advantageous to the Borough. Bids, whether mailed or delivered in person, shall be sealed, marked “Public Works Building Project” and addressed to Borough of Rochester, 350 Adams Street, Rochester, PA 15074.

John Barrett
Borough Manager


All addenda will be issued to the email addresses below. Delivery confirmation to the email address provided will constitute a receipt of the addenda by the contractor. It is the contractor’s responsibility to check their email addresses at appropriate intervals. Any questions regarding the project must be sent via email to  All questions and answers will be posted to the bid advertisement page.  Questions will not be answered via phone calls during bid stage. Upon completion of each field, double check your information then click “SUBMIT” and you will be directed to the download page. Incorrect or incomplete information could disqualify your bid.

Download the bid package in PDF format for:

Question: Do you have a budget estimate for the above project?

Answer:  The estimate for the Bid A is $350,000. There is no estimate available for Bid B.

Question: Could you please help me understand this project a little better. I saw architects / engineers on the bid list. For example, #3 is HHSDR Architects / Engineers.

Who exactly is driving the design? Is it your firm (Widmer Engineering), the awarded contractor, or another engineering firm? Just trying to figure out the right person to reach out to and propose our equipment.

Answer : This is a design/Build Project. Contractors will be bidding the project so you will need to coordinate with contractors.

Question: Is there Security, fire systems, alarm systems, and other security services involved with this project?

Answer : The security system work is being eliminated from the project.

Question: Will the owner be providing the security and emergency systems? If the General Contractor will be installing those systems, what does it involve?

Answer : The security system work is being eliminated from the project.

Question: If I read the Pennsylvania Procurement code Title 62, Municipalities in Pennsylvania are not authorized to use design build methods in construction. The projects are to be designed by a Design Professional and advertised for public bidding. Municipalities can opt out of the separations act for MEP, and then could be included in the General Contract but must be pre-designed.

Was there a change made to the law?

Answer: Bid the project as presented.

Question: Assuming the project is in a flood zone, what requirements are needed to comply?

Answer: Bid the project as presented.

Question: Please clarify any land development requirements.

Answer: The Borough will handle all land development requirements.

Question: Is there a property survey of the project area?

Answer: There is a topographic survey but no property survey. The property is bounded by Harrison Street, Center Street and Water Street.

Question: Was a zoning review completed to ensure compliance with property set-backs, etc.?

Answer: The Borough will handle all zoning and land development requirements.

Question: Due to the small size of the area requiring heating (zone 2 in your description) it would be an economic savings to Rochester to eliminate the ducted furnace and install electric wall heaters in the utility room and restroom with built-in thermostats and to install a through-the-wall PTAC in the break room/office area. A PTAC will supply the required heating and the benefit of cooling for summer.

Answer: Alternate HVAC systems will be considered.

Question: Should you consider a CO/NO detection system in the garage areas? Especially for in the winter months if the garage doors are down and they are working on a truck or a truck is running, detection of gases from the exhaust would be detected and engage the exhaust fans to clear the building.

Answer: No CO/NO detection system is required for this bid.