Waynesburg Commons Multimodal Improvements Project


Sealed proposals for the “Waynesburg Commons Multimodal Improvements Project” shall be received by the Greene County Controller’s Office, County Building, 93 East High Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370 until 11:00 AM prevailing time on November 30, 2023. The bid encompasses furnishing labor, materials, and performing all work set forth in the advertisement, general conditions, drawings, and specifications.  This project is partially funded through a Multimodal Transportation fund grant.  Bids shall be publicly opened and read aloud at or about 11:00 AM in the Commissioners’ Public Meeting Room on November 30, 2023.

A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held on November 20, 2023, in the Commissioner’s Public Meeting Room, 1st Floor of the Greene County Building, 93 East High Street, Waynesburg, PA at 10:00 am.

Invitation, preparation, submittal, bidding requirements, all materials furnished, and all work shall conform to applicable parts of the contract documents.

Plans, specifications and bid documents are available only via download from the Widmer Engineering web site at: widmerengineering.com under bids.   Each proposal shall be accompanied by either a certified check or Surety Company bid bond in the amount of not less than ten (10%) of the contract amount.  The same shall be made payable unto the County of Greene.

Upon successful award of the contract, a 100% performance, 100% payment and 100% maintenance bond shall be required.  No bids shall be withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) days after the time set for the opening of bids.

The minimum wage rates for each craft or classification of all workmen needed to perform each contract during the anticipated term hereof shall be governed by State Prevailing Wage Rates. The contractor must also complete the public works employment verification form to document all employees hired post January 1, 2013 are authorized to work in the United States.   Nondiscrimination/Sexual Harassment Clause is included at part of the project.

The Greene County Board of Commissioners reserves the right to reject any part of or all proposals, or to waive any irregularity in the proposal when the Board deems such action advantageous to the County.

Bids, whether mailed or delivered in person, shall be sealed, marked “Greene County Monument and College Parks Rehabilitation Project ” and addressed to Greene County Controller’s Office, County Building, 93 East High Street, Waynesburg, PA, 15370.



Mike Belding, Chairman

Betsy McClure, Commissioner

Blair Zimmerman, Commissioner

All addenda will be issued to the email addresses below. Delivery confirmation to the email address provided will constitute a receipt of the addenda by the contractor. It is the contractor’s responsibility to check their email addresses at appropriate intervals. Any questions regarding the project must be sent via email to beaverfalls@widmerengineering.com.  All questions and answers will be posted to the bid advertisement page.  Questions will not be answered via phone calls during bid stage. Upon completion of each field, double check your information then click “SUBMIT” and you will be directed to the download page. Incorrect or incomplete information could disqualify your bid.

Download the bid package in PDF format for: