Midland Water Intake

Midland Water Intake
June 6, 2019 Widmer Engineering

Water Intake, Midland, Pennsylvania.

Widmer Engineering Inc. successfully completed the design and construction management of $7.6 Million raw (river) water intake project in Midland, PA.  The new water intake will serve as a new water source for all customers served by the Municipal Authority of the Borough of Midland. .  In addition to the project design, the project effort included securing multiple DEP permits, railroad crossing permits, utility coordination, construction inspection and construction consultation.

As part of the funding obtained from PennVEST, a grant of $4,000,000 was awarded to the Authority from PennVEST.

This project included the construction of an intake screen, 45 ½” line diameter intake line, 16’diameter caisson, low service pump station, and 3,900 linear feet 24” ductile iron water transmission main to connect the intake to the water treatment plant. The intake is designed to deliver up to 7 million gallons per day to the water treatment plant.