Municipal Services

Boroughs, townships, and cities share many things in common, the foremost is providing service to their constituents.  Their needs include engineering design and construction services for drainage, roadways, sidewalks, utility relocations, and permitting to name a few.  The local and traveling public also demand services with minimal interruptions due toconstruction detours.

Coordination and scheduling of design and construction projects are the keys to success.

Our municipal staff’s expertise includes:

Storm Water Management Ordinances
Zoning Ordinances
Subdivision and Land Development Ordinances
Street/Road Ordinances
Driveway Ordinances
Park and Dedication Ordinances
Subdivision Plan Reviews
Land Development Plan Reviews
Subdivision Plan Reviews
Land Development Plan Reviews
Subdivision and land Development Construction Inspections
Traffic Study Reviews Design/Inspection
Comprehensive Planning
ACT 537 – Sewage Facilities Act Plans
Municipal Mapping
Environment Resources Ordinances
Expert Testimony Services