Sanitary Engineering Services

An Authority, Township, or Borough provides uninterrupted sanitary service to its customers.  This service includes acceptance, conveyance, and treatment of domestic (and sometimes industrial) sewage.  This service must provide a treatment level, that does not affect the downstream environment, at a reasonable cost.  Rehabilitation and upgrades to existing sewage treatment plants andconveyance systems are a means to that end.

Widmer Engineering Inc. (WEI) has the experienced staff with proven records of accomplishment with many Pennsylvania Communities.

Our sanitary staff’s expertise includes:

Act 537 Plans
Collection and Conveyance System Design
Construction Cost Estimating
Construction Specifications
Development of a Collection System Inventory and Mapping
Existing Collection and Conveyance System Design
Existing Sewage Treatment Plant Rehabilitation
Floating Covers
Lift Station Design
PENNVEST Funding Applications
Rate Studies
Renovation of Anaerobic Digesters
RUS Funding Applications
Sewage Treatment Plant Design
Sludge Dewatering and Removal
Sludge Mixing Systems