Site Development Services

Local ordinances, State regulatory agencies, local utility companies, and local government In western Pennsylvania, each local government has its own ordinances with no two the same.  The developer must rely on the engineer’s strength of knowledge to evaluate the regulations, identify the site’s potential, and create a design to yield a functional and cost effective site layout.  Site layout is driven by function. A shopping center and a housing subdivision have the same complexity with very different needs.

The approach to any site development requires attention to and familiarity with:

Client Needs and Function
Local Governmental Regulations
Local Utilities
PennDOT District
Permitting Requirements (State, DEP, and Local)

Our site development staff’s expertise includes:

Construction Cost Estimating, Inspection, Scheduling, and Specifications
Drainage Design
Erosion and Sedimentation Control Permits
Highway Occupancy Permits (PennDOT)
Parking Lot Layout and Striping
Roadway Layout
Site Grading and Earthwork
Stormwater Management
Traffic Signing and Control
Utility Coordination and Design